Funded by Suppliers
value-added advertising

The Interactive Brochure is funded by suppliers. Therefore, it is free of cost for our customers.
That’s simply good business – for you and for your advertisers.

Why Suppliers Become Advertisers

A well-known concept

  • Most companies budget for co-branding.
  • Many advertisers already know the JS co-branding concept because we have done business with them before.

Strong relations

  • Advertisers get a strengthened relationship with business partners.
  • Advertisers get an effective reference.

Increased business

  • Advertisers get maximum exposure in a relevant media with other strong brands.
  • More business for you means more business for your suppliers.
  • Each ad has a direct link to the advertiser’s website.
  • After completion of the brochure, advertisers get their ad – to be used for free in other relevant material.som de kan bruge frit i andet relevant materiale.

Cost Free

JS Danmark raises funding for the brochure. We offer
your suppliers and business partners the opportunity to be
profiled in your brochure with an ad.

Risk Free

In the case of insufficient advertising,
you can fund the remainder yourself or withdraw
from the project – without any cost.